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About Me

Hi! I'm Lydia! I'm an illustrator and graphic designer who has a passion for typography, pattern and colour. I love creating pieces of work that push the boundaries on conventional rules surround type and composition. this result in my work have a fun, bold style. Over the years I have grown to love pattern and colour and I enjoy turning figurative work into abstract patterned pieces. 

 I have an interest in advertising and packaging design and would love to work on pieces in this area! I think my visual language lends itself perfectly to this as my work is eye catching and narrates ideas in innovative ways.

Key Skills

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Indesign



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2018 -2019

Bristol School of Art

2018 -2020 

Acta Community Theatre

2019 -2022

University of the West of England

July 2022

Break a Lead Exhibition

I worked with ACTA on different projects over Thea years which allowed me to gain skills in multiple areas. I was involved in the behind the scenes of multiple performances which allowed me to strongly understand the practicalities of performances. Due to the community aspect of the theatre I worked with different groups of people including vulnerable children, helping to improve my communication skills as I had to learn how to deal with peoples’ different needs. As the team at ACTA is quite small, I got to see different sides of their business which gave me a glimpse of the reality of business.

I studied Art and design at Bristol school of art. Here, I earned my foundation diploma and gained valuable skills in relation to the industry and myself. I became more experimental in my work which taught me to be open minded when tackling new tasks. I also interacted with people who worked in other areas of industry, this allowed me to learn from them, teaching me new skills and how to interact professionally.

I studied Illustration at the University of the West of England and this is where my confidence grew as a person and an industry professional. I was able to develop my skills in areas I enjoy such as printmaking while also introducing me to new skills like ceramics and woodwork. Most of my studies took part during the pandemic meaning I missed a large amount of studio time however, this did allow me to explore new ways to do things. I feel this ultimately aided my artistic development as it taught me to find solutions to almost impossible situations. 

In my final year of university we organised an exhibition in the Hoxton Arches in London. I chose to take a major role in the organisation and curation of the show which allowed me to learn further my skills in managemnt, design and curation. My tasks included the curation of the show, buying and organising items that were needed, organising other people’s tasks and physically putting up and taking down the show. These tasks have allowed me to appretiate and understand what goes into managing and organising a show of this level.


The Penguin Awards

Bristol Short Story Prize



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