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Bruce Chatwin Cover Mock ups

These covers are mock up of three of Bruce Chatwin's books. Each book in set in a specific location and I wanted to illustrate the themes of each story through the covers. I incorporated the relative landscapes while also conveying the mood of the story.

Bruce Chatwin In Patagonia Spine
Bruce Chatwin In Patagonia Back Cover
Bruce Chatwin In Patagonia Front Cover
Bruce Chatwin Songlines Back Cover
Bruce Chatwin Utz Back Cover
Bruce Chatwin Songlines Spine
Bruce Chatwin Utz Spine
Bruce Chatwin Songlines Front Cover
Bruce Chatwin Utz Front Cover

Following from the Penguin Awards I decided to create three Bruce Chatwin cover, each inspired by their relative environments.

 All three books were set in different parts of the world; In Patagonia is based in Patagonia and follows the areas' histories and rich cultures including the traditional nomadic life of lots of the people that live there, and Songlines is set in Australia and was written about the native Australians culture, Utz is set in Czechoslovakia during the Cold War which is the basis of the book.

 Each of covers are aimed to act as a synopsis of the book's contents through imagery. The colours, patterns and texture were all chosen to correspond with their respective stories.

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